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First Blog and Highschool Neandrathals

Okay so this is my first blog and I have decided to make it about stupid, fashion illiterate, people who absolutely blow my mind. Today I was strolling through the halls, just derpin’ my way to Spanish when I look across the hall and I kid you not I saw a girl wearing *drum roll please* white pants !! She honestly had her lower half clothed in white denim! Let me go ahead and state the fact that the date is DECEMBER the fifth..well past labor day! I mean honestly, what cave were you in for sixteen years of your life that you did not know better enough to not wear white pants?! And this girl was not the skinniest thing not hating on curvy girls! Curves are beautiful, but you have to know what your limitations are. White…is…not…slimming no matter what anyone says. I honestly do not know why I was so appauled at this sight but it completely irritated me for the rest of the day knowing that there was someone walking around looking like this!! So much so that I thought it deserved to be in my first blog…I hope to have many many more blogs/rants/stories so stay tuned! Thanks dolls! XOXO

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